About Local Matters with Ken Moore

This show would not be possible without our creator and director Mike Santone. Mike serves on the board of McMinnville Community Media and has been involved with producing many shows. Mike came to me with the idea of giving everyone in our community an opportunity to hear about business, education and government from the people that are working hard to make our community better every day. I said yes immediately. This show helps to fulfill my desire to be part of bringing our community closer together with understanding and personal connection. I would like to thank the camera crew of Liz Santone, Kris Tribys an Richard Riegel. I would also like to thank Ian Palo of McMinnville Community Media for his help and support.

Since that sure fire cat video interview last month I had a great time interviewing more people with vision and a heart for hard work.

I think you will be impressed with Yamhill-Carlton Intermediate School Principal, Michael Fisher and talented sixth grade teacher, Chad Tollefson. The fifth and sixth grades achieved top level test scores in the state! We also talk about the extreme need for the bond measure coming up in May.

Next up was a report on the success of the campaign for the new pool house for the county’s only public outdoor pool in Carlton. Shelly Ward-Mullen and Pat Swanick are two of the local heros making it happen.

Meet Mike Bayliss, a cattle rancher turned grape herder. He and his wife Drenda Created Ghost Hill Cellars. Hear how this vineyard, on some the world’s best grape ground, got its name and what it was about cattle that got Mike to trade in fences for trellises.

In the latest interview we meet a few of the communities leading workers for housing for those who need help. Elise Hui, Jeff Sargent and Howie Harkema address the continuum of need from preventing death by exposure up to helping families achieve a home of their own. There are many steps along the way. Hear about a generous and dedicated community of folks who show up to give life saving temporary aid and work for long term solutions.

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Thank You! Ken Moore

As the host of Local Matters I hope to strengthen our community by helping us get to know each other and the important work that we do.

Theme Origin

People ask where I got the theme music. I just called my friend Jonathan Swanson the jazz pianist. I asked if I could commission him to write something for me. He said sure. In a few days he had several short sample pieces for me to choose from. I asked for a combination of two and a few days later he sent the final version. When I heard it I was very energized. It really motivated me because after hearing that music I know viewers expect to hear something important. If you listen to the full piece I am sure you will be amazed at Jonathan's talent. You can contact him at http://www.portlandjazzpianist.com